Rubelli Venezia

This is my love song to Italy. A land blessed with outstanding abundance and diversity, becoming a fertile ground for human creation: Art in all its forms has chosen Italy to be its dearest home.

The picture is not entirely rose-coloured, but today I will push aside the grey areas and praise our colourful culture. The Rialto fish market is our first stop in this imaginary Italian journey: Venice and its tradition is always our foundation.
Next, is fine wine and food, captured in the magical grounds of Fontanafredda, Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The pure sculptures of Antonio Canova show how art can achieve timeless perfection, and how such sublime beauty can play with your mind.
Italian fashion is pure seduction, blending elegance and comfort seamlessly like our textiles do; our witness to this art is Antonio Marras.
Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa is the master of textures, wisely alternating contrasting surfaces in his work; with our in-depth research of fibres and weaves, this is an effect we strive to achieve in our fabrics.
I wholeheartedly thank the large and talented team who has contributed to this amazing collection and this remarkable book: I am proud of both, and I hope that you – the reader - will be captured by our Italian Passion.

Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli