“It’s an invitation to step into the Giardini universe and discover
its voluptuous textile wallcoverings. The trip becomes a highly
sensorial experience because it’s not just the aesthetics that will
allure you, with original motifs and colors that go beyond being
simply eye-catching but will make you want to touch the coverings
and feel their texture under your fingers. It’s an invitation to let
yourself be guided by the heightened sense of touch produced by
the warm world of Giardini Wallcoverings.
It’s actually two trips. One takes us along the routes of the
world to explorewith its faraway, exotic places, make them our
own and then mix them with our memories. The other takes us on
a discovery trip of “hidden” almost secret worlds using our eyes
and hands too. It’s almost an inner journey of discovery, with our
eyes shut and letting ourselves be guided by the paths that unfold
under our fingers.”