Rubelli Venezia 2017

Forty-seven - “filzuoli” of coloured silk threads - mark the start of the
2017 collection.
A wide range of neutral shades reinforced by colours as intense as
the light in Venice, with the new feature of whites with a touch of
colour to add a tone of freshness and invent the “new neutrals”.
We have developed all products in the 2017 collection in a dance of
harmonies and balance: the style, materials and performance may
differ, yet everything is closely linked by the harmony of colour. It’s
therefore easy to “play” with fabrics and wallpaper to create countless
matches and variations. Find out for yourselves, try it out and you’ll
see it works.
I would like to thank our excellent staff who has worked with so much
passion on building this harmonious world of colour and all of you
who show appreciation of our work.
Browse through the pages of this book to discover what we’ve created
for you.